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Scratch & Dent Insurance FAQs

The questions and answers below cover the most common initial queries that customers have; however, it you have a different question or can’t find what you’re looking for in the policy document displayed, please get in touch with us using the contact details at the bottom of this page and we’ll be happy to help you.


What does the policy cover?

Cover includes paint scuffs, scratches, or chips up to 300mm in diameter and no deeper than 3mm and dents to your car’s bodywork which are less than 40mm in diameter.

Cover is for 12 months and you have a choice of paying by instalments of £15 via a 0% finance agreement or by making a one-off payment of £180 at the start of your policy.

Is pre-existing damage included?

Unfortunately, and as you would expect, it is not. Inspection photographs will be required prior to policy commencement which will highlight any pre-existing damage that will be excluded from the claim process. Revive! will contact you if photographs are required.

You can still purchase the policy without inspection photographs, subject to them being submitted within 30 days of purchase, when the cover will then commence. However, if you are applying for the £15 monthly 0% finance option, once your finance is agreed your finance instalments will begin immediately and your cover and policy documents will be confirmed by email once we have received the inspection photographs from Revive!.

If your car has been purchased new within the last 30 days before you purchase cover, photographs will not be required and your policy and finance instalments will commence as soon as finance approval is given or, if you choose the £180 annual premium option, your policy will begin once you have paid your premium.

Similarly. If Revive! has already conducted an inspection report within the last 30 days from when you had a repair completed, there will be no need for more photographs, so your policy can be started either on finance approval or when you have paid your £180 premium.

If you pay the £180 premium subject to inspection photographs, your policy will commence as soon as we receive them.

What is not covered by this Scratch and Dent insurance?

  • Any existing damage that is recorded in the inspection photographs provided.
  • Damage to headlights.
  • Damage to stickers, decals, stripes or similar, or damage which has been caused by the application or removal of these items.
  • Damage which results in cracked or deformed bumpers Damage which cannot be repaired using SMART repairs, or which, in the opinion of our approved repairer, requires body shop work. This includes cracked or flaking paint, or where the metal bodywork has been exposed.
  • Damage which is caused by rust, corrosion, pitting, paintwork discolouration or variation in paint colour or finish due to the age of the car.
  • Damage caused by cleaning, or the application of wax or paint sealant or protective films or liquids.
  • Damage which has occurred as a result of fire, road traffic accident or collision.
  • Damage which is situated on your car’s horizontal panels, including roof, bonnet, boot lids etc.

What is the free £250 car insurance excess?

On main car insurance policies it is common for the insurer to apply a policy excess, which is the first amount of a claim that you must pay. Your Scratch & Dent insurance policy includes, for free, an excess cover of £250, which means that if you have to pay the excess on a settled motor accident claim by your main car insurer, you can claim from your Scratch & Dent policy £250 to either offset the excess payment you have made or help to offset it.

Am I eligible to purchase scratch and dent insurance?

If you own or personally lease a car that is less than 7 years old and has less than 70,000 miles on the clock, then you are eligible to purchase this insurance.

For exclusions, please check the Policy Document.

How many times can I claim?

The policy covers up to 3 repairs in the 12 months of cover.

What is the claims process?

Making a claim is easy. To make a claim, within 30 days of the incident, you should complete the online form at

Completing the claim form will provide them with all the necessary information that is required in order to quickly process your claim. Please note that failure to provide all information at this point may mean that your claim cannot be processed.

Alternatively, you may contact the claims administrator during office hours: 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday on 0191 259 6378 or email

Alternatively, please write to: Mechanical Breakdown & General Insurance Services Ltd, Cobalt Business Exchange, Cobalt Park Way, Newcastle, NE28 9NZ. TO make a claim please call 0191 259 9378.

Where will repairs be carried out?

Revive! will come to you and carry out the repair either at your home, place of work or another mutually suitable location.

Is there an excess to pay?

There is a small excess of £25 to pay before your scratch and dent claim can be finalised (not applicable to the £250 free excess protection insurance).

Is there a cooling off period?

If you decide that the policy does not meet your needs, you have 14 days to inform us and, if applicable, the finance company. On the condition that no claims have been made or are pending during this period, your premium/instalment will be refunded in full.

What happens If I cancel my policy?

If you choose the £15 per month 0% finance instalment option, you will be liable for an administration charge and the amount outstanding on your agreement, which will be subsidised by the premium refund in the preceding paragraph.

How can I pay my premium?

Either in one payment via bank debit or credit card, or, monthly with the 0% finance agreement by direct debit, which means that you are not liable for interest (full details of finance agreement related issues will be displayed prior to purchase). Please see DOES THE POLICY COVER PRE-EXISTING DAMAGE.

Who is Nice1?

Nice 1 Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (ref no 650309) and is the company that arranged this insurance which is underwritten by Novus Underwriting Limited on behalf of Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft in Liechtenstein AG.

Who is Revive!?

Revive! Auto Innovations (UK) Limited is one of the largest SMART repair networks in the UK and covers the vast majority of the country; and it is authorised by the claims handler to undertake repairs to your car. It is also an Appointed Representative of Nice1 and the two companies may exchange details about you in order to administer your policy.

Is my Scratch and Dent insurance policy protected?

Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft in Liechtenstein AG is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).  You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft in Liechtenstein AG cannot meet their obligations. This depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim. Most insurance contracts are covered for 90% of the claim with no upper limit. You can get more information about compensation scheme arrangements from the FSCS or visit

What is IPT?

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is a government-introduced tax on insurance policies including car, home, travel, and pet insurance which every insurance provider has to charge and pass on to the Inland Revenue.

If I sell my car, can I transfer the policy to a new vehicle?

Unfortunately, if you sell your car then the policy is no longer valid; however, you will be entitled to a partial refund of your policy premium (less a £34.99 administration charge) which can be used to help pay for cover for another car, provided that no claims have been made or are pending or there is less than 6 months left on the policy.

What is scratch and dent insurance?

Scratch and dent insurance covers your vehicle bodywork for repairs which can be carried out using the Small to Medium Area Repair Technique (SMART). This is usually cosmetic repairs to damage such as single panel scratches, bumper scuffs and the removal of small dents where the paint has not been broken.

To find out exactly what is covered, please check the full Policy Document.

My car isn’t brand new, is it worth insuring?

Every car is worth insuring for scratch and dent repairs. Repairing small damage means your car is kept in great condition, it can maximise its re-sale value and means lease cars can be maintained to avoid or lessen any additional charges when they are due to be returned.

Who is eligible to purchase scratch and dent insurance?

Scratch and dent insurance isn’t a new thing. However, the policies are usually very restrictive as you have to either purchase it directly from a car dealership or within 30-days of purchasing a car.

These scratch and dent policies can be purchased by anyone who owns or leases a car that is under 7 years old and has less than 70,000 miles on the clock. All that’s needed is to inspect the car to check for existing damage and you’re good to go. Cars purchased new from a franchised car dealership within the last 30 days prior to buying your scratch and dent policy do not require an inspection report.

Do I have to have an inspection carried out?

Not if you have bought your car from a dealership in the past 30 days.

Likewise, if you have had an inspection completed straight after a Revive! SMART repair then you have 30 days to purchase a policy.

Other than that, your car will need to be inspected once you have purchased your chosen policy but we will do that at a time and place to suit you free of charge.

Is Scratch & Dent Insurance right for you?

Having a scratch and dent policy means you can save money over the course of owning your car by avoiding the loss of your no claims bonus and the need to pay for unexpected repairs. Hopefully, our FAQs will give you a clear idea of whether or not scratch and dent insurance is right for you.

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